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Hotel Check

Every hotel wants to offer its guests an excellent experience and build a good reputation. To ensure that every guest has a positive experience, it is important to regularly review the quality of services and offerings at the hotel. This is where the so-called “Hotel Mystery Check” comes into play.

A hotel mystery check is an independent assessment of the quality of service in a hotel. In this process, a professional tester, who remains incognito, is placed in the hotel as a guest and assesses all aspects of the stay, from booking to check-in and check-out. This allows the hotel to receive valuable feedback and suggestions for improvement in order to optimize service and offerings for future guests.

As a hotel owner or manager, it is important to have an objective view of the quality of service in the hotel. A mystery check gives you comprehensive feedback on the hotel’s strengths and weaknesses and helps you to improve them. In addition, you can also use the results of the mystery check to train employees and give them feedback on how to improve service.

In cooperation with experienced mystery check experts we offer mystery checks as an agency for hotels. We will support you in carrying out the mystery check and help you to effectively use the results to improve the service in the hotel and to satisfy your guests.

Time for change


With the help of a one-time free video call, we find out which aspects are important to you. In this call, basic things like target group, languages, alignment are defined and discussed.

Homepage & Channel Management

In today’s world, the homepage is a kind of digital business card and is carefully reviewed by me. Furthermore, I check the Google reviews as well as the various channels, booking platforms (, Expedia, etc.), review platforms (Tripadvisor, Holidaycheck), price comparison portals (Trivago, Google) and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok).

Requests & Offers

This is followed by the check of offers and requests. I book myself anonymously in the hotel and check the classic templates of offers and reservations. The pre- and post-stay mailings are also closely scrutinized.

Arrival & Departure

Upon arrival, the various aspects of the services of the house and the team are reviewed. An eye is kept on the politeness and interaction with the guests. The wellness facilities and the activities offered are another criterion on my checklist. Not to forget the culinary offer of the house, such as the choice of breakfast.

Costs & Services

The cost per mystery test is

890 € net + one night (hotel in Austria) in your hotel. Hotels outside Austria on request.

What I can offer in return? I provide a comprehensive report and evaluation checklist of the criteria listed above. These are discussed with the hotelier during a 1 h video conference (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.). The goal is to work together to find opportunities for improvement in order to optimize processes inside and outside the hotel.

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