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Welcome to Peer Onlinemarketing, your all-in-one solution for successful online targeting and online marketing in the hotel sector! As experts, we understand the challenges that hotels face when addressing their target groups. Our comprehensive services are designed to maximize your presence and ensure that you reach the right guests.

With our specialized target group analysis, we identify the potential guest segments for your hotel. Whether business travelers, families or holidaymakers – we understand that every hotel is unique and develop tailor-made sales strategies to achieve your individual goals.

Our online marketing expertise spans various channels, including social media, search engine marketing and targeted advertising campaigns. Through targeted marketing measures, we ensure that your message reaches the right target groups in order to increase bookings and optimize occupancy.

We not only offer optimized visibility, but also continuously optimize your sales processes. With regular performance analysis and customized reports, you can keep track of the success of your online marketing efforts.

Our agency is your partner for a comprehensive approach. From fine-tuning your website to implementing innovative campaigns, we’re here to make sure your hotel stands out in the digital space.

Trust Peer Onlinemarketing, your partner for successful online targeting and online marketing in the hotel sector. Contact us to find out how we can optimize your digital presence!

Our services in one package

Hotel Targeting

We use comprehensive target group analyses to identify potential guest segments for your hotel. Our experts then develop customized sales strategies to specifically address your target groups. This enables maximum efficiency in the acquisition of new guests.

Hotel search engine optimization (SEO)

Our hotel SEO services focus on maximizing the visibility of your website in search engines. We optimize content, implement relevant keywords and improve the technical aspects of your website to ensure that your hotel ranks prominently in organic search results.

Hotel search engine marketing (SEA)

Through hotel SEA campaigns, we ensure immediate visibility on search engines and information platforms. With targeted ads, we maximize your hotel’s exposure to attract qualified guests and increase booking rates. Our CPC (cost-per-click) strategies are designed to efficiently and cost-effectively attract the attention of potential guests and expand the reach of your hotel brand in a targeted manner.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media strategy for hotels focuses on intensifying your hotel’s presence on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and optionally TikTok. By creatively designing content and actively interacting with the target group, we not only encourage engagement but also build a robust online community. Our aim is to strengthen brand loyalty and effectively position your hotel brand through an appealing social media presence.

Website maintenance

Our WordPress website maintenance includes the regular updating and optimization of content, especially images, to ensure an optimal visual presentation. Through continuous SEO fine-tuning, we ensure that your website remains relevant in search results and maintains high visibility. In addition, we offer the design of a new website on request to ensure that your online presence always meets the latest standards and requirements.

Online training courses

In addition, we offer channel manager online training, including training with Seekda and other platforms. Our training courses give you the know-how you need to use channel management tools effectively in order to maximize bookings. This complements our comprehensive services, which include hotel targeting, SEO optimization, SEA campaigns, social media management and WordPress website maintenance. These combined services ensure that your hotel maintains a sophisticated and successful online presence.

For information

To ensure the best marketing for hotels, we only offer our services as a comprehensive package. The synergy of our hotel targeting analysis, SEO optimization, SEA campaigns, social media management, WordPress website maintenance and channel manager online training maximizes the effectiveness of your online presence.

By bundling bookings, you secure a holistic strategy that is specifically tailored to the needs of your hotel and promises sustainable success in the digital landscape.

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