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Revenue management for hotels

We increase the occupancy rate and average room rates

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As a revenue expert, I know how important an effective revenue management strategy is for hotels. By analyzing data and forecasting, hotels can optimize their room rates and inventory levels to achieve maximum profitability and occupancy.

As a revenue management expert, I help hotels maximize revenue and run their business successfully. I understand the importance of accurate forecasting and analysis and use this information to make informed decisions.

As an expert in revenue management, I am your valuable partner if you want to grow your business and increase your profitability.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you leverage your revenue management knowledge and skills to help hotels succeed.

Save time and costs

We create a situation analysis for you to determine the status quo. Based on this analysis, a revenue management strategy is developed and an action plan for the next steps is created. Based on your occupancy data, we can analyze and plan optimally. If needed, we will take care of creating or revising packages or packages such as summer, Easter, Christmas or last minute offers. The market should always be kept in mind so that the quota can be utilized. Peer Onlinemarketing not only takes care of that, but also sets your release times. We have the right strategy for you and determine the conditions of booking and stay.

Keeping track is an essential part of Sales & Revenue Management, which is why we create monthly reports and work out displacement analyses for you. Master data maintenance in the booking systems means you are always well organized and can avoid discrepancies. Booking platforms and rating portals are enormously important and must be constantly monitored. There should be prompt response to comments or criticism. We at Peer Onlinemarketing know exactly how to manage these platforms and are happy to do it for you.

To save yourself time and money, your sales channels should also be optimized. The maintenance of the rates is carried out according to the principle of utilization. If required, the strategies can be distributed across different platforms. We create a rate sheet incl. Restrictions and distributors and take care of adjusting the rates.

Booking and cancellation policies are perfectly tailored to you and your guests. In combination with our website package, a sales landing page is created for the desired product to boost bookings or promote specific packages.

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